Why Join LVPOA

Why Join


The purpose of this association is to work for the improvement, beautification and maintenance of Lake Vista; to strive for the enforcement of building and other legal restrictions as contained in the titles to land in Lake Vista; to require prospective builders in Lake Vista to strictly adhere to the said restrictions; to secure improved roadways, drainage and other like facilities; to suppress nuisances and to seek legislation and ordinances requiring the cutting of weeds on vacant land; to promote the interests and general welfare of residents and owners of real estate in Lake Vista; and, to do any and all things necessary, legal and proper for the betterment and improvement of land situated in Lake Vista; and, to accomplish all of the purposes set forth in the charter of this corporation, to it granted by the State of Louisiana; to perform such other services as may be necessary in order to further the interest and welfare of residents and owners of real estate in said area.

Annual Dues are $50  a year from Jan 1, to Dec 31.  Twenty percent ($10) of each dues payment is dedicated towards beautification of the neighborhood, with one-third being directly allocated by the LVPOA board and two-thirds transferred to the Lake Vista Garden Club, who maintain the garden spots on Robert E. Lee and throughout the neighborhood.

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