Why Join LVPOA

Why Join


The purpose of this association is to work for the improvement, beautification and maintenance of Lake Vista; to strive for the enforcement of building and other legal restrictions as contained in the titles to land in Lake Vista; to require prospective builders in Lake Vista to strictly adhere to the said restrictions; to secure improved roadways, drainage and other like facilities; to suppress nuisances and to seek legislation and ordinances requiring the cutting of weeds on vacant land; to promote the interests and general welfare of residents and owners of real estate in Lake Vista; and, to do any and all things necessary, legal and proper for the betterment and improvement of land situated in Lake Vista; and, to accomplish all of the purposes set forth in the charter of this corporation, to it granted by the State of Louisiana; to perform such other services as may be necessary in order to further the interest and welfare of residents and owners of real estate in said area.

Annual Dues are $75  a year from Jan 1, to Dec 31.  Fifteen Dollars ($15) of each dues payment is dedicated towards beautification of the neighborhood directly allocated by the LVPOA board to the Lake Vista Garden Club who maintain the garden spots on Robert E. Lee and throughout the neighborhood.

Who Can Join?  Any property owner, renter or commercial lessee or tenant can be join and share in building our community.

We want everyone to be a part of this great neighborhood, so please,  click here to Join!