Lakefront Management Authority: Mother’s Day Preparations!

From the Jesse Noel, Executive Director of the Lakefront Management Authority: Mother’s Day Preparations:
Following the events of Easter Sunday 2018, the Lakefront Management Authority has endeavored to address some of the many issues that occurred. What follows are the additional steps we are taking in conjunction with the OLD Police Department to improve the Holiday enjoyment of the lakefront. We have contracted with a tow company to remove illegally parked vehicles along the lakefront. Please contact OLD police should you need a vehicle removed and they will dispatch our contract operator. With that being said, please be mindful and understand that the officers and the towing company cannot discern violations between residents and visitors. Please spread the word that enforcement actions will take place and that residents should take caution to park in a legal space. We have hired 7 NOPD mounted police officers to patrol the park space along Lakeshore Drive. These officers should be intermingled amongst the crowds and should limit potential disturbances. There will be in excess of 20 officers on the Lakefront, including officers on horseback and four-wheelers. We have hired an additional contractor to perform holiday services for trash pickup. This should hasten the after event cleanup that has taken so long in the past. Holidays with good weather draw large crowds to the lakefront and the LMA cannot guarantee these measures will completely eradicate any concern, but I hope as we move forward we can take positive steps toward making the lakefront an enjoyable place for both residents and visitors on Holidays.

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