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N.O.P.D.   DIAL 9-1-1   FIRST!

Orleans Levee Board Police Department – OLD-PD

Phone: 504-283-9800

As of 4/15/2018 OLD-PD is the Lake Vista Crime Prevention District office patrol force.

In case of emergency or crime reporting, call OLD-PD for quicker response!  OLD-PD response is guaranteed in 5 minutes or call back and ask for the Supervisor.  If another 5 minutes passes, call the OLD-PD Superintendent of Police, Kerry Najolia, at  504-616-8539


Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority

Jesse D. Noel, P.E.
Orleans Levee District, Executive Director
Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority

Office: 504-355-5990
Email: jnoel@nfpama.com
OLD Landscape: 504-286-3100


City of New Orleans

Parks and Parkway Commission: 504-286-2100
Parks and Parkway Commission Fax: 504-286-2158
Tree Emergency (24 hours): 504-658-3200
Sanitation Department: 504-299-3673
Streets Department: 504-658-2299


Metro Disposal

Phone: 504-520-8331
Email: info@metrodisposalservice.com
Website: www.metrodisposalservice.com


City Park Botanical Gardens

Phone: 504-483-6386


Lake Vista is in Council District D

District D
Councilmember Jared C. Brossett

City Hall, Room 2W20
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-658-1040
Fax: 504-658-1048
E-mail: jcbrossett@nola.gov / councildistrictd@nola.gov


District A – Susan Guidry: 504-658-1010
District B – Latoya Cantrell: 504-658-1020
District C – Nadine Ramsey: 504-658-1030
District D – Jared Brossett: 504-658-1040
District E – James Gray: 504-658-1050
At Large – Stacy Head: 504-658-1060
At Large – Jason Williams: 504-658-1070


District Office
6001 Stars and Stripes Boulevard, Suite 221
New Orleans, LA 70126
Phone: 504-284-4794
Fax: 504-284-4796


State Officials

State Representative: Stephanie Hilferty
3331 Severn Avenue, Suite 2016
Metairie, LA 70002
Phone: 504-885-4154
Fax: 504-885-4156
Email: hilfertys@legis.la.gov Email: shilferty@legis.la.gov


State Senator: Wesley T. Bishop
Email: bishopw@legis.la.gov

District Office
7240 Crowder Blvd. Suite 402, New Orleans, LA 70127
Phone: (504) 242-4198
Fax Number: (504) 242-6116

Legislative Assistant: Diedre Pierce